Bed Bugs

Discreet and prompt service

Bed Bugs in Guest House and Hotels can dealt with promptly and with complete discretion. Holmes Pest Control always deal with these issues sensitively and discreetly, we realise that the impact on your business needs to be minimised and prompt action taken.

Operating all over Kent and Sussex we can react to Bed Bugs in Hotels and Bed Bugs in Guest Houses form Eastbourne to Margate.

 What to do if you suspect Bed Bugs

Any report of Bed Bugs should be investigated and recorded, the guest should be relocated immediately to avoid further bites. Prior to relocation, with the guest’s permission, their belongings should be inspected for Bed Bugs and laundered to avoid the risk of spreading the infestation.

Call Holmes Pest Control and we will be able to inspect the area. If we confirm the presence of Bed Bugs we will be able to provide information to your guest to help them prevent infestation of their home. This will not only protect your reputation but also demonstrate that you are responsibly and professionally dealing with their complaint.

Safe and effective treatments

Thorough inspection and identification of the extent of the problem is essential, rooms adjacent to the affected room may also need treatment.

Use of professional formulations applied with correctly calibrated and serviced spraying equipment ensures that control is achieved.

Treatment requires that the affected rooms remain unoccupied during the process so our prompt and effective treatment means impact on your business s minimised.

Call us for more detailed descriptions and advice.

Domestic Customers welcome

Bed Bugs in Hotels or Bed Bugs in Guest Houses can also spread to your home. If you have been affected the first thing you should do is report the problem to the Guest House or Hotel so they can deal with the problem.

Then you can phone Holmes Pest Control so we can inspect the area and carry out effective treatment to rid your home of the problem.

Where ever you are in Kent or Sussex call now for information and advice.