Bird Proofing


Throughout the seaside towns of Kent and Sussex Sea Gulls are a problem. From April to September, when nesting takes place, many households and businesses are blighted by noise, mess and damage.

Gull proofing systems can be tailored to your individual needs, whether you want to prevent nesting or daytime roosting.

Herring Gulls are fully protected under the Law and it is illegal to harm them. However, in extreme cases where Gulls are becoming a danger due to aggresive behaviour while protecting nesting sites we are able to remove nests and unhatched eggs in accordance with the general licence issued by Natural England. Once eggs have hatched no action can be taken until the chicks have fledged. Prompt proofing measures are therefore required as soon as you notice Gulls nesting.  


Pigeons nesting or roosting on your home or business can be a significant risk to health. Bird fouling is not only a contributing factor in th spread of bacterial infections such as Salmonella, E Coli, Campylobacter and Lystreria in food outlets but can also be a danger due to the increased risk of slips and trips when fouling falls on footpaths and pavements. There is also the significant impact to business reputation from fouling on the outside of buildings.

Blocked guttering, mess and unpleasant smells caused by long term Pigeon infestation in both domestic and commercial premises will increase maintenance cost and could affect rental revenue for Landlord.

Pigeon proofing systems can be a simple and inexpensive permanent solution to all of these problems.

Bird Proofing

Ledges and chimneys can be quickly Sea Gull and Pigeon proofed with the used of high quality low impact spike systems. Designed to cause no harm to the birds spike systems simply make it impossible for the birds to land and perch on the protected ledge or chimney.

Where visibility of bird proofing systems is and issue then we are able to install post and wire ledge protection. This sophisticated system relies on ultra thin, high strength plastic coated wires which, in the same way as spikes, prevents perching but is virtually invisible from as little as 3 metres, ideal for shop fronts and office buildings and the only system recommended for use at educational facilities.

When a permanent and total exclusion of birds is the only option then the installation of bird netting is recommended. Installed to the highest standards and quality materials, netting systems can be installed on flat roofs, building facades, alcoves and bridges to prevent nesting and roosting. Suitable for Gull proofing and Pigeon proofing alike.