Moles in the Lawn

Mole hills are unsightly and for those who are keen gardeners a source of great frustration as well as potentially damaging to the lawn mower when stones are brought to the surface. Wherever you are in Kent or Sussex, Holmes Pest Control can help solve the problem.

Moles are also cause for concern in agriculture and livestock farming. Damage to crops and grazing land has obvious financial implications.

Sports fields and Golf courses may at times be affected and prompt effective action can prevent long term damage and loss of business.

Methods of Control

Holmes Pest Control has extensive experience of trapping using traditional methods which are free of chemicals or poisons. With minimal damage we are able to place traps within the tunnel systems which will work quickly and humanely. This method is most often used in domestic settings or when close to building and when livestock and pets have access to the treatment area.

We are also trained and certificated for the use Phosphine gas, where large scale problems exist. Strict Health and Safety guideline are followed and risk assessments will be used to decide on the suitability of this method. Site surveys and risk assessments are required before quotations are given for this service.

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If your just a keen gardener, a groundskeeper or farmer. Whether you have one Mole or are plagued by Moles hills in your field, paddock, golf course or playing field, call Holmes Pest Control for a prompt professional service.