Noises in the Chimney

Noises in the Chimney

You would be surprised what you might find.

We were called out to deal with “A Rat trapped in the chimney”by one of the letting agents that we deal with. A disused fire-place had been boarded up and over the past few days the tenant had been hearing scratching noises and became convinced that a Rat was trapped in the chimney trying to get out.

We opened up the fire place to find that a young Jackdoor had in fact fallen down the chimney from a nest on the roof, the scatching was it’s attempts to climb or fly back up to safety (much to the relief of the tenant).

After rescuing it and finding it to weak to fly and very dehydrated we decided to take it to the local RSPCA wildlife centre to be looked after until it’s strong enough to fly and be released back into the wild. 

We have since given a quote to put bird proof cowls in the chimney pots to stop the problem re-occuring

So if you have scratching noises in the chimney, it may be Rats – but not necesarily. Call Holmes Pest Control and we can investigate.