Rats in the loft

Rats in the loft

A recent call out illustrates the problems that come from leaving Rats in the loft untreated.

There had been scratching noises for some time but the householder decided not to do anything about it. However a few days later the washing machine stopped working and there was a small flood in the kitchen. The Plumber discovered that the waste pipe from the machine had been chewed and the power lead was damage by Rats.

When we arrived on site an investigation showed that th Rats had come across into the loft from a neighbouring property and found a way into the kitchen down the cavity wall.

We were able to block access from the neighbouring property and place baits and traps to get rid of the Rats in the loft of both properties.

If you think you may have Rats in the loft it is important to act as soon as possible to prevent further damage. So if you hear scratching or gnawing don’t delay call Holmes Pest Control for prompt and effective action against Rats in the loft.