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Holmes Pest Control
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 17 reviews
by Karen on Holmes Pest Control
Pigeons be gone!

We have had an issue with pigeons roosting on our eaves for a few years now… we tried various different deterrents but Steve suggested pigeon netting which I was at first nervous about because of the look of it. But it looks much better than I imagined and the pigeons have flown away at last. It was quickly and efficiently installed and Steve also cleaned up the awful pigeon poo! Recommended.

by Claire on Holmes Pest Control
Mega rat!

Steve saved the day by ‘removing’ a very large rat who was visiting my kitchen cupboard. He arrived within 40 minutes of my calling and did the deed in such a quick professional way. I cannot recommend such excellent and friendly service too highly. Thank you!

by Hannah on Holmes Pest Control
The cat that caught a rat

Excellent service...called on a Sunday evening to deal with a rat my cat had brought into the lounge. Arrived within 20 minutes and dispatched of the offending rodent quickly and efficiently. Phew! Thank you very much!

by peter on Holmes Pest Control
honey bee problem in chimney

really nice guy, came out very quickly and fortunately not a huge problem with honey bees nesting in our chimney. great customer service and excellent advise.
thankyou moreso as my wife is alergic to stings

by Gill on Holmes Pest Control
Steve is the Bees Knees

We discovered a bumble bee nest in our dilapidated old shed that has to come down before it falls down! They were snug and happy and doing no one any harm yet the two other companies I spoke to were gung-ho to come out and kill them. Steve however, came out and with no fuss or commotion simply removed and relocated the nest for a very reasonable fee. We hate the thought of destroying bees other than last resort so to us Steve really is the bees knees and we will 100% recommend him to anyone.

by Sally Harvey on Holmes Pest Control
Holmes Pest Control

Steve was fantastic......really supportive and helped us to sort out the problems that we needed help with......We would highly recommend Steve if you are looking for help with Pest control problems.

by Elaine on Holmes Pest Control
Brilliant Service!! Steve is a gem.

I can't recommend Steve highly enough. He delivers a fast, reliable and effective service. He is that great mix of professional, caring and friendly. He was able to create a new and innovative solution for my small pigeon infested balcony; a demountable net which allows me to enjoy my sea view and then put the net back up to keep the pigeons away. Brilliant!! Couldn't ask for more! Thanks again Steve.

by Carolyn on Holmes Pest Control
Herring gull deterrent

Prompt and courteous service....would recommend and call on again if need be.

by Tina Cann on Holmes Pest Control
Fantastic service!

We have used Steve from Holmes Pest Control twice before and his customer service is fantastic!! We rang him this morning very worried about a bumble bees nest in our house and on his way back from Eastbourne he dropped by and sorted it out for us and at a reasonable price. Thanks again and we will definitely use you again with no hesitation . Tina and Simon

by Stina on Holmes Pest Control
Pidgeons removed in less than 1 hour

I was unfortunate and had feral pigeons entering the loft space above my flat in Warrior Square. I thought it was a big problem and was very worried due to the terrible noise and potential damage they are known to cause so I called in Holmes Pest Control as I prefer to deal with local businesses to sort this type of problem., especially as the access to my loft is difficult. Steve literally got the pidgeons out from the loft in less than one hour and secured the hatch that had fallen off so that they will not reappear. Great professional service, can recommend.

by Luke on Holmes Pest Control
Squirrel in the loft

We kept hearing scurrying in our loft, and would see squirrel jump into the loft from our garden. We called Steve on the Friday, and was with us on the Saturday, He noticed droppings and evidence of Squirrel making a fort with insulation. Steve immediately set traps. Sunday morning we heard more scratching but in a different place. We called Steve and he was with us within half an hour to listen. Steve thought Squirrel had fallen. Noise disappeared that day. Woke up this morning to rattling in the cage trap and there was Mr Squirrel. Steve came immediately to remove. Efficient service, great customer care and dedicated to his job. Steve is still going to pop back and has left traps to see if we get more more. Would highly recommend. Luke and Becky

by Loriss on Holmes Pest Control

Thank you, problem solved straight away, no more sleepless nights! Excellent, prompt, professional and friendly service. Will definitely use this service again but I hope never to have to.

by John on Holmes Pest Control
Mole problem

Excellent service - efficient and friendly. Came back several times until convinced problem was solved - recommended -John - Fairlight

by Martin on Holmes Pest Control

Thankyou for your excellent assistance Steve to get rid of the pigeons in the loft and identifying and fixing where they were coming from. Fast, reliable, informative and friendly. A good price and an all round great service.

@ 10/27/2016 09:11

by C (Beckley) on Holmes Pest Control
Honey Bee Swarm

I just wanted to say thank you for helping us out with my Bee problem.

When I came home to find the inside of the bedroom window covered in a swarm of Bees that had been coming down the chimney I didn't know what to do. The local Beekeeper's association gave me your number and I was so glad to hear that you kept bees yourself and would be able to help.

I was amazed with your 'Bee vacuum' and that the Bees weren't harmed when you sucked them up. It's nice to think that you were able to solve my problem without having to destroy the Bees as we are very aware that they need all the help they can get.

Thank you for coming out so quickly and I'm pleased to know I can contact you for help with any other pest problems I may have in the future

C - Beckley

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