Rodent control in Kent & Sussex

At Holmes Pest Control we strive to provide prompt and efficient solutions to problems with Rats and Mice. Operating all over Kent and Sussex we can deal with individual intruders or larger problems.

Each site will be fully assessed and an appropriate action plan discussed with you before any action is taken

Control of Rats

Rats will normally nest in burrows but will visit and ‘colonise’ homes and businesses if food and water are found to be available particularly during periods of cold weather.

The first signs that you may have Rats either visiting or nesting in your property will likely be sounds of Gnawing and scratching or you may find droppings with are usually dark brown or black pellets approximately 10mm in length.

Rapid reproduction rates mean that if control measures are not undertaken promptly and effectively even small populations can soon become a major infestation. An established colony of Rats will cause significant damage to the fabric of any property as they Gnaw through wood, plastic and fabric to adapt their surrounding to suit nesting requirements

Risks to health include Weil’s disease which can be contracted from coming in contact with the animals urine. Rat droppings also present a significant health hazard especially in food preparation areas.

Wherever you are in Kent or Sussex call Holmes Pest Control to investigate and deal with Rats

Control of Mice

Mice normally live in family groups and reproduce at an alarming rate. Damage to property is minimal, however there is a significant risk of damage to cables in loft spaces and under floor boards.

Sounds of scratching, sighting and of course droppings which are small black pellets about the size of a grain of rice will be the first indication that there are mice in your property.

Mice are more likely to seek shelter in Homes and Businesses in periods of cold weather but once established will happily stay all year round. While the risk of disease from Mice is small there is a significant health risk due to huge quantities of dropping produced if they are present in food production areas.

Control measures can include trapping and the use of rodenticide baits but each situation will be individually assessed and treatment plans developed accordingly.

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