The Positives of Attracting Bees to Your Garden

Often, gardens take a lot of looking after. Nature however, offers us something for free – which is something you don’t get very often. Attracting nature’s essential pollinators helps to keep your garden alive and flourishing.

Attracting bees to somewhere may not seem like a great option, as you may be worried that they would nest somewhere inconvenient. However – the chances of this happening are very slim, and the positives outweigh the negatives, as bees tend to do no harm.

Encouraging bee populations to thrive is an encouraged move environmentally speaking, as bees are becoming increasingly endangered and for everyone, that is bad news. Changes in agriculture, and an increase of land being used for housing instead of being left as landscape leaves bees with little to feed on.

However, should you have an exceptional circumstance, for example if there is a hazard to allergies, only then will we deal with them. If you have a nest, it’s best to work around them, waiting until winter for the colony to die out, as they are classed as a protected species and are useful pollinators.

The honey bee, like ants and termites, is a social insect. They live in colonies and the individual insect has specific tasks within the colony. They naturally reproduce in spring and early summer, where the old queen and a few thousand workers will depart and leave the rest of the colony behind with a new queen.

This is what is known as the stereotypical bee swarm, and these are usually found in bushes whilst in a ‘transit camp’ looking for somewhere new to form a colony. This can often be a scary sight, but they are usually not aggressive. You must remember bees tend to avoid stinging, as this kills them.

We will contact a member of a local Bee Keeper’s Association if we are called out to a swarm, as they are well placed and happy to collect and relocate the swarm to an Apiary for domestication.

Our services are only required if they have gained access to a building cavity, as prompt action will save a lot of trouble in the future.